L0UD0101 Obelix Power Supply Can Bridge Ex ib Intrinsically Safe 1.5 Amps

Obelix Mining PLC Intrinsically-safe (I.S.Ex ib) Power Supply is a universal power source for Obelix IS PLC Modules and field devices used in Group I hazardous area mining applications.

The L0UD0101 Obelix Mining PLC Intrinsically-safe (I.S.Ex ib) Power Supply and CAN  Bridge combines an I.S. 12-volt power source with a multi-purpose I.S. CAN communications isolation bridge.

The CAN Isolation Bridge provides for both Copper-based or Fibre-based CAN data transfer to I.S. devices.

The L0UD0101 can also be used as a stand-alone data isolator and route 12-volt I.S. power from an external source.



The L0UD0101 model features:

  • 24-volt d.c. nominal supply input
    (Um = 30VDC)
  • 12-volt d.c. I.S. nominal output
    (Uo = 13.2VDC / Io = 1.8A)
  • 2 x Copper CAN Channels
    (Non-I.S. side of the bridge)
  • 1 x I.S. Copper Can Channel 
    (I.S. side of bridge)
  • 1 x Fibre CAN Channel
    (I.S. side of bridge)
Line Drawing
Standard Compliance