Pempek's ObelixPLUS Control Software Environment

In the past machine control systems have been based on Logic Controllers that run very large dedicated code bases that embody all of the machine operational functions and safety systems.

These systems were typically created for a specific machine application and rely on external specialised programmers.

Any modification to function, configuration or even operator messages or error messages required the intervention of external programmers and the machines flameproof enclosure needed to be opened to load new code to the controller.

Pempek’s revolutionary ObelixPLUS Machine Control Solution now offers users the ability to configure and modify their own control system, edit operational parameters and operator messages and error messages without having to open the flameproof enclosure.

ObelixPLUS Machine Control Solution includes superior diagnostics visible on the machine, a remote IS tablet, at the surface or your smart phone.

Pempek’s revolutionary NEW ObelixPLUS Machine Control Solution puts you in CONTROL.

ObelixPlus Features & Benefits:

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS Firmware is Made for Mining

ObelixPLUS firmware is the result of over 30 years of development of mining equipment control systems, not a general-purpose industrial controller.

Control of the firmware is crucial to safety in mission critical environments such as underground mining.

Obelix Hardware is Made for Mining

Obelix Hardware is the result of over 15 years proven reliable & safe operation on underground miners.

Proven hardware with CPU performance 9+ times faster than typical industrial PLCs.

Built in safety hardware.

Gold plated metal connectors.

Mining Legal battery backup.

Add-ons for Machine Telemetry.

ObelixPLUS Simple System Configuration

Quickly and easily load new machine program updates, change configuration and settings  without opening the flameproof enclosure.

Pempek now supports CODESYS IEC61131 Programming Software.

Mine site’s own PCS engineers can view/debug/modify and reconfigure control system.

User driven Error Handler

Customise fault messages and add lessons learnt to instruct operators and repair crews.

Via Wi-Fi, ethernet or Mine Network using; ObelixPLUS Edison Software.

Wireless Program Load

Remote Screen mirroring

Remote Navigation of control and config screens independent of the machine operator.

Remote screen and diagnostic display to IS portable tablet or IS hand held in the mine or to the control room.

Remote screen to an above ground device such as a PC or other tablets with appropriate network routing.

Automatically triggered email alerts with tailored content to specific parties (i.e. electrical faults mailed to electrical supervisor).

Parameter Management

User can see and customise a vast range of machine parameters to optimize your application.

Via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Mine Network using; ObelixPLUS Edison software.

Superior Diagnostics

See I/O and machine status from the machine, your IS tablet, the surface or your phone.*

Via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Mine Network.

Complete Machine Automation and Monitoring, from the mine face to the boardroom.

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS is one part of a dedicated family of specialised components that are Made For Mining.

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS family of made for mining components together create the most reliable, safe and sophisticated mining equipment control system available in the world.

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS product family has been proven on over 700 mining machines; over more than 15 years of reliable and safe operation.

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS family of products has proven add ons for any function that you might need now or into the future.

ObelixPLUS Machine Control Example

Pempek’s EDISON PC Software Tool Set allows you to Quickly loadmachine programs and display and parameter edits to theObelixPLUS controller.

No need to open the flameproof box! Software can be loaded via;

• Pempek’s Oracle Wi-Fi.

• or the mine network.

ObelixPLUS Edison
ObelixPLUS Edison

Machine status visible anywhere, from the mine face to the boardroom.

Data Download and Superior Diagnostics

Data Download and Diagnostics
Data Download and Diagnostics

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS Machine Control Solution

Firmware & Hardware Made For Mining

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS is one part of a dedicated family of specialised components that are made for mining.

Some of ObelixPLUS industry leading features include;

  • A true open source platform that supports the popular CODESYS programming language, putting you in control of your programming.
  • Pempek firmware developed over 30 years for mining, that embeds standard safety functions for mining equipment. You get the benefit of the worlds best made for mining PLC and firmware.
  • Gold plated contacts and metal connectors that ensure reliable operation.
  • Mine legal battery backup.
  • Over nine times faster performance than other industrial PLCs. This is a most important requirement for deterministic safety, critical in a mining environment.

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS platform allows your nominated team members to edit machine configurations.

For Example: Adding a Fan Motor (Variable Speed) to an existing project.

Just follow 4 simple steps, takes just minutes!

Pempek can provide your team any required training.

ObelixPLUS Edison PC Software Tool set allows your nominated team members to edit all fault and event messages.

Reduce downtime by customizing message to suit site specific conditions by using lessons learned from earlier events to direct the right response to an error code. Without opening the enclosure.

ObelixPLUS Edison
ObelixPLUS Edison

ObelixPLUS Edison PC Software Tool Set allows your nominated team members to view and modify a vast range of machine setup parameters remotely.

Achieve optimal machine performance.

Changes are logged so separate audit is not required.

Editing available any time via Wi-Fi or mine network.

Remote Parameter Management