L0L90201 Obelix Power Supply Module 110VAC 24VDC C-FORM (NO/NC) A-FORM Relay (NC)

L0L90301 Obelix Power Supply Module 110VAC 24VDC C-FORM (NC) A-Form (NO) Relay

The L0L9 Obelix Mining PLC Power Supply combines a mining-duty industrial 24-volt D.C. power supply with a pair of relay outputs.

The power supply takes a 110-volt A.C. input and provides stable 24-volt D.C. output (up to 75 watts) for supplying other control system modules.

An industry-standard CAN (Controller Area Network) connection is used to allow a host PLC to control the two relay outputs and read module status.

The L0L9 model supports one C-Form relay (NO/NC) and one A-Form relay (NO).

Relay contacts are rated for 110-volt A.C. switching of inductive loads up to 8-Amperes.


PLC Family: Obelix 

Module Type: Power Supply + Relay Outputs

Supply Input: 110VAC (+/- 15%) /  80 Watts

Supply Output: 24VDC  / 75 Watts  (Max)

Data Communications: Obelix CAN (A5/A2)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Inputs:  None

Outputs: 2 x Relay Contacts  (110V /  8A)

Output 1: Pilot Relay  C-Form (NC/NO)

Output  2:  Stop Relay A-Form (NO)

Connector 1: Obelix A5 (24VDC Output + CAN Bus)

Connector 2: Obelix A6
(110VAC Input  + Relay Outputs)

Line Drawing
Connector Assembly
Typical Application