New Product Release – L11Y0101 AC Variable Drive Inverter for Battery Control 600VDC 650A 


Pempek’s AC Variable Frequency Drive for high-performance control of 600V induction motor in demanding industrial applications.

Each single drive module contains a DC link and an inverter.

Four quadrant operation with full regeneration:

  • Integrated pre-charging unit
  • Integrated safety relay
  • Isolated CAN interface with CANOpen protocol
  • Two CAN connectors to enable daisy-chaining of bus.
  • Method for externally setting the CAN Sub ID for the module
  • Motor temperature monitoring
  • Sophisticated direct torque control
  • Sensorless vector speed control
  • Maximum torque at zero speed
  • Two-times of overload capability
  • Water cooling
  • 24V control power

Typical Application

  • Continuous Bolter/Miners
  • Longwall Shear
  • Shuttle Car
  • Continuous Haulage
  • Mobile Bolters
  • Mobile Roof Supports
  • Remote Control Scoops
  • Remote Control Loaders
  • Any industrial AC Motor application within power specification