L0Q40201 Pempek OBP Dual Inclinometer +/-45 Degree Module

The L0Q40201 Pempek OBP Mining PLC  Dual-Inclinometer Module provides pitch and roll inclination measurement for mobile mining applications.


The industry-standard CAN (Controller Area Network) connection provides a host PLC with the ability to control and monitor all outputs.


2 x Mining- duty inclinometer sensor elements  (+/-45-degrees range/pitch and roll).


PLC Family:Pempek OBP

Module Type:  Inclinometer measurement module

Supply Input 1:  24VDC (+/- 10%) /  3 Watts (Max)

Data Communications: Pempek OBP CAN (A2)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C

Inputs:  2 x +/-45-degrees inclination measurement (Internally-sensed) 

Outputs: None

Connector 1: Pempek OBP A2 (24VDC  Input + CAN Bus)

Line Drawing