L0VR0211 EBox Flameproof Ex d Hydraulic Drill Rig Common Centre Manifold

The L0VR "EBox" is a flameproof-protected enclosure combining both hydraulic and electronic components into a single, compact manifold for control and monitoring of a complete roof drilling rig. The manifold attaches directly to the hydraulic porting interface of the drill rig. This does away with up to thirty hydraulic hoses - normally required when an external control manifold must be connected to a drill. These drilling rigs are typically mounted on mobile underground mining equipment for drilling roof holes and for placing roof-supporting bolts.

Internally, the E-Box features a microprocessor-based circuit board to proportionally control a number of solenoid-actuated hydraulic valves (also mounted inside the E-Box manifold). The electronic module monitors the spool position of key hydraulic valves and hydraulic pressure of secondary functions to establish if hydraulic outputs are responding to control inputs and to detect any unplanned operation. Real-time monitoring of hydraulic oil flow to the drilling feed function is used to establish drilling feed speed and depth.

A host control system controls and monitors the E-Box operation via an industry-standard CAN field bus connection.

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Type Flameproof-protected drill rig control hydraulic manifold with integrated electronic control
Explosion-protection IEC60079-1 - Flameproof - Ex d Group I
Functional Safety IEC61508-compliant SIL2 Safety Functions

Spool valves continuously monitored for stuck spool conditions

Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Environmental Protection IP66/67
Mass 164 kg (common core) / 193 kg (Left-hand Version) / 183 kg (Right-hand Version)



Supply 24-volts D.C. +/- 10% (125 Watts maximum)
Communications CAN 2.0B - Copper Twisted Pair (500 kbps)



Spool Functions (Proportional) Drill Motor Rotation - 35 litres / min
Drill Feed Up/Down - 32 litres / min
Timberjack Up/Down - 32 litres / min
Head Gripper Open/Close - 8 litres / min
Drill Tilt Left/Right - 8 litres / min
Drill Tilt Forward/Reverse - 8 litres / min
Pilot Functions Drill Motor 2nd Speed Select

External Water Valve Control

Drill Guide Control

Working Pressure 200 BAR nominal / 250 BAR maximum
Oil Temperature -10°C to +70°C
Hydraulic Fluid Mineral Oil
Filtration Requirements ISO 4406:1999, class 18/16/13 Recommended Filtration Grade:   6..10 ? 75
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