L0LJ0101 Pempek OBP Industrial Digital Input Module 110VAC

L0LJ0201 Pempek OBP Industrial Digital Input Module 24VDC

L0LJ0202 Pempek OBP Industrial Digital Input Module A63 24VDC DGI 52 wide Brackets 

The L0LJ0101 Pempek OBP Mining PLC Digital Input Module supports forty-eight (48) digital inputs (110-volt A.C.)

An industry-standard CAN (Controller Area Network) connection provides a host PLC with the ability to monitor all inputs and module status.

Uniquely Keyed Type A connectors to prevent incorrect machine installation


 Embedded 110VAC Digital Input Module 

48 x 110VAC Digital Inputs 

or 48 x 24VDC Digital Inputs 

Microprocessor Sampling Control 

Connector 1 

Pempek OBP A2 (24VDC Input + CAN Bus) 

Connector 2 

Pempek OBP A10 (Digital Inputs) Or A63



Supply Input 1 

24VDC (+/- 10%) / 3 Watts (Max) 

Data Communications 

Opto-Coupler Isolation 

CAN 2.0B Compatible 

Pempek OBP CAN (A2) 

Operates -10 C to +70 C 

All industrial components 

Heavy Duty Enclosure 

Electros Nickel Plated 

Rugged Construction 


The enclosure is Electroless nickel-plated mild steel. 

Facia is stainless steel. 

Mounting brackets are stainless steel. 


M5 x 10mm x 4 

M4 x 10mm x 8 

M3 x 10mm x 10 


2.5kg (5.5lb) 

Connector Assembly
Typical Application