Pempek’s Complete Flameproof Hydraulic Control Overview 5 and 7 Shooter

Includes SIL 2 functionality.

Includes in-built electronic control of flow.

Moves all control and monitoring systems out of the primary flameproof enclosure and into the shooters.

Reduces control cabling to ONLY ONE CABLE.

L0W0 5 Shooter Application
L0W0 5 Shooter Application

Key Features & Benefits

Operating successfully for over a decade in Australian and South African mining industry with more than 120 units in operation as of Dec 2019

Proven Record on 12CM & MB600 Series Continuous Miner & Bolter Miner

Requires ONLY ONE Control Cable

Pempek warrants and supports the complete package through its global partnerships

Individual flow control and over pressure limit function for each spool

Solenoids Don’t Leak or Fill with Water (Rated to 315 Bar Continuous)

Safety Isolation Valve - Built in and Automatically Controlled by Firmware to Maintain Safety

Spool Safety - Built Into Product Firmware

Pressure monitoring for internal and external functions (No I/O required)

Temperature Monitoring - Internal Oil Temperature Sensor (No I/O required)

Fast and Easy Maintenance Hydraulic Control System

Tell Tail LEDs on cover show: 1. Comms (green/red) 2. Status (blue/red/green) 3. Power (green)

Replacing a Spool (eg After Swarf Ingestion) and Self Calibration take less than 3 Minutes

Spool Self Diagnostic Built into Firmware Commanded from Remote Exercises all Circuits Without Oil Pressure

HBox Diagnostic Road case Available that Exercises H-Box (See Diagnostic Screen)

Why Pempek Shooters?

Requires just 1 Cable (CAN / 24VDC) from Main Flameproof box for 2 Manifolds from the Main Flameproof box (as they Daisychain)

Terminations Within the Flameproof Box Require 5 Wires (3 x CAN bus / 2 x 24VDC)

PLC Inputs and Outputs DO NOT Require Additional Electrical Connection

Small Bore Hydraulic Cables can be Connected Directly to H-Box to Monitor External Pressure

Spool Safety is Built In!

Built in Safety Functions

Solenoid Valve Control

Spool Position Monitoring

Pressure Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

No Unplanned Movements