L07H1401 LED Matrix Flameproof Display Module Ex id

LED Matrix Flameproof Display Module is an industrial flameproof display module designed for remote viewing purposes.

Utilising large seven-segment LED displays, the module provides clear viewing from a distance where remote operation is required.

Most typically, information will be in a numerical format which relates to its most common application for methane percentage readouts. However, numerous words and/or codes can be displayed on demand.

Ex id flameproof enclosure is designed for worldwide explosive atmosphere regulatory approval allowing it to be installed into any underground environment after certification assessment.

  • Explosive Proof Enclosure
  • IEC/ATEX/MSHA Approved CAN Network
  • Opto-coupler Isolation
  • CAN 2.0B Compatible Operates -10ºC to +85ºC
  • All industrial components Operates from standard 24VDC supply Heavy Duty Enclosure
  • Electros Nickel Plated
  • Rugged Construction
Typical Application