L0HC1701 - MotorMate Motor Current Monitor  200A/80A/200A Vertical Top Entry

L0HC1801 - MotorMate Motor Current Monitor 500A/200A/500A Vertical

L0H90201 - MotorMate Motor Current Monitor 500A/200A/500A Vertical

The L0HC Series Motor Mate is an integral triple output inductive current transducer designed for 3-phase electric motors, drives and transformers

The L0HC Series Motor Mate can be factory calibrated to suit any monitoring requirement and is guaranteed to operate to within 5%* of full-scale over the entire monitoring range

These devices are commonly used, in part, as current sensing protection devices in the application of AC Motor Protection schemes relative to AS1023.2.

For more information as to how motor protection is achieved, see the Pempek Systems White-paper PSWP - Application of AC Motor Protection

* Typical Error is ±2 percent

L0HC, L0H9

Triple Inductive Current Transducers (ICT)

3-Phase Inductive Current Monitoring

Fully Customisable Scales

High Noise Tolerance

Industry Standard 4-20mA Outputs

3 x 4-20mA Calibrated Outputs

Operates -20°C to +85°C

All industrial components

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Electroless Nickel Plated Mild Steel

Stainless Steel Flanges

Rugged Construction

Typical Application
Line Drawing