L0MR0101  DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW

L0MR0301  DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 45kW 350V

L0MR0401  DC Smart Drive Auto-Reversing SCR 50-kW 550V

The L0MR 3-Phase 45kW SCR Drive is a precision drive module designed to support industrial DC drive applications such as Underground mining shuttle cars  without the need for external DC contactors or overload module support.

By utilising a rugged communications interface and advanced DSP technology, these drives represent the avant-garde in SCR DC drive technology.


Intelligent Digital SCR Drive

110V Control Logic Supply

240V RMS Drive Supply

Variable output to 300V in voltage mode

Variable output to 400A peak in current mode

Forward & Reverse Motor Control

Full Digital Signal Processor Control

True Closed Loop Control

Embedded Thermal Overload Protection

Embedded Phase Imbalance Protection

Embedded Phase Loss Protection

Embedded Diagnostics

Reports 3-Phase Line Voltage & Current

Shaft Encoder support for RPM measurement

External Temperature Measurement via two Wire PT100 support

Internal Temperature Measurement

Embedded 110VAC Relay Output

1 x N/C 110VAC Relay for Transformer Contactor isolation control
(Designed for in series wiring)

Microprocessor Controlled

CAN Network

Opto-Coupler Isolation

CAN 2.0B Compatible

Operates -10°C to +85°C

All industrial components

Heavy Duty Enclosure

Electroless Nickel Plated Mild Steel

Alodined Aluminum Heat Transfer Base

Rugged Construction

Typical Application
Connector Assembly