Pempek Systems a global leader in mining equipment control solutions.

Since 1985 Pempek has been introducing innovative products designed and manufactured in Australia for electronic control, hydraulic control and telemetry for mining systems.

Our mining control systems offers explosion-protected products certified to worldwide standards.

We offer industrial controls for; Underground Mining, and Roadway Tunneling in Explosive Atmospheres.

Pempek designs, manufactures, commissions, sells, services and supports industrial electronic control and monitoring systems to suit a variety of industries.

Engineering Expertise:

  • Specification Authoring
  • Control System Design
  • Analogue Design
  • Software Development
  • Digital Design
  • Power Electronics
  • RF Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Mechanical Design
  • Approval and Certification

Pempek's Offers Control System Applications for

  • Continuous Miners
  • Shuttle Cars
  • Road Headers
  • Roof Supports
  • Feeder Breakers
  • Mobile Roof Supports
  • Bolters
  • Continuous Haulage
  • LHDs
  • Trenchers

Intrinsic Safety Control Systems

Global certification or products with explosive atmosphere regulatory agencies.


Made to Order Engineering Solutions

If we don’t have what you need, we can engineer and manufacture it to order

Pempek Support

Pempek’s new software development platform provides a function library environment that all S/W Engineers use, including a configurations, error handling and application layer.

These innovations speed deployment, provide a platform that is supportable by all our team, and brings unrivalled insight to clients in the service and support of their equipment on site.

We offer service support packages that will provide assured support around the clock.

Control System Components

Pempek's Mining PLC

In the past machine control systems have been based on Logic Controllers that run very large dedicated code bases that embody all of the machine operational functions and safety systems.

These systems were typically created for a specific machine application and rely on external specialised programmers.

Any modification to function, configuration or even operator messages or error messages required the intervention of external programmers and the machines flameproof enclosure needed to be opened to load new code to the controller.

Pempek’s revolutionary OBP-PLUS Machine Control Solution now offers users the ability to configure and modify their own control system, edit operational parameters and operator messages and error messages without having to open the flameproof enclosure.

Pempek OBP-PLUS Machine Control Solution includes superior diagnostics visible on the machine, a remote IS tablet, at the surface or your smart phone.

Pempek’s revolutionary NEW  OBP-PLUS Machine Control Solution puts you in CONTROL.

• Processor, Solenoid, Supply Modules
• Displays
• Remote Consoles
• Remote Transceivers
• Remote Console Charging Station

Roof Bolting System

Ebox is a unique electronic control system package for the control, monitoring and automation of roof drilling/ bolting rigs used in gaseous underground mining environments.

Designed for easy installation, into new and existing mobile mining machinery. The system is composed of a drill rig-mounted, flameproof, hydraulic-electric control module and a companion flameproof, push-button Human-Machine Interface user control station.

Mining Telemetry... All the Data, All the time

Live, reliable, future proofed, user driven reporting, available anywhere.

Motor Control and Protection

  • DC Drives
  • AC Drives
  • UberMate 2.0 - CAN Motor Current Monitor
  • MotorMate - Analogue Motor Current Monitor
  • IsoMate - Earth Leakage Monitor
  • Power Lines Smart Filter
  • DOL Smart Connectors
  • Power Line AC VFD Choke

Ex Hydraulic Control

  • Pempek’s Complete Flameproof Hydraulic Control System HBox 5-150 and HBox 7-18
  • Includes SIL 2 functionality.
  • Includes in-built electronic control of flow.
  • Moves all control and monitoring systems out of the primary flameproof enclosure and into the Hbox.
  • Reduces control cabling to ONLY ONE CABLE.