L0M10101 Pempek OBP Display Module Ex ib Intrinsically Safe Bolting / Canopy Control Station 

The L0M10101 series bolter station is an entry-level bolting control and monitoring terminal.

The L0M10101 provides information to the operator via 4 lines by 40 characters text display.

Several control buttons allow the operator to select and control different bolting functions.



Basic I.S Bolter Control Station 

• I.S. Design with Flameproof Approved Glands for wiring 

• Waterproof Rate IP55 

• CAN Interface OblixBus Compatible 

• Built-in LCD Display (4x40) 

• Four Bolting Control Buttons 

• One Mode Switch 

• Integrated E-Stop Button 

• Input and Output Resources 

• Pempek OBP (fibre-optic) 

• 4 x Momentary Push Buttons 

• 1 x Selector Switch 

• 1 x E-Stop Button (Latching) 

Line Drawing
Fibre Optic Patch Cables