L0Z3 Hydraulic Flameproof-Certified with in-built electronic control and monitoring (7 Shooter)

7 Shooter is a self-contained electronic-over-hydraulic control manifold integrated into a flameproof-certified (Ex d) protective enclosure.

Requires ONLY ONE Control Cable

Individual flow control and overpressure limit function for each spool

Solenoids Don’t Leak or Fill with Water (Rated to 315 Bar Continuous)

Safety Isolation Valve - Built-in and Automatically Controlled by Firmware to Maintain Safety

Spool Safety - Built Into Product Firmware

Pressure monitoring for internal and external functions (No I/O required)

Temperature Monitoring - Internal Oil Temperature Sensor (No I/O required)

Replacing a Spool (eg After Swarf Ingestion) and Self Calibration take less than 3 Minutes

Spool Self Diagnostic Built into Firmware Commanded from Remote Exercises all Circuits Without Oil Pressure

HBox Diagnostic Road case available


The manifold is controlled and monitored from a host control system (PLC) via a single,
industry-standard CAN field bus cable and 24-volt power source

The manifold provides the following hydraulic control and monitoring features:

  • Hydraulic hose port adapter with built-in 10 micron pilot rail filter
  • Two (2) Spool Valves (180 litres/minute, 3-position, proportional, closed centre)
  • Five (5) Spool Valves (90 litres/minute, 3-position, proportional, closed centre)
  • Five (7) Variable-adjustable compensator to maximumize spool flow as needed
  • Four (3) Pilot Pressure Signal Output Valves
  • One (1) Automatic spool flow safety isolation valve (internally managed)
  • Five (5) General Purpose Pressure Monitoring Ports
  • One (1) Internal hydraulic oil temperature sensor

    The manifold also provides built-in spool position monitoring and stuck-spool safety protoection

Typical Application
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