L10W0101 AC VFD System Filter with MOV Protection (1140V)

The L10W0101 EMC filter is designed for variable frequency drive and high noise environment.

Input EMC filters reduce the conducted radio-frequency interference voltage.

The L10W0101 EMC filter has integrated MOVs.


Supply voltage and input signals are connected to the enclosure through certified flameproof connectors.

Typical supply current is 3A@24VDC and maximum supply current is 9.0A.

Typical supply voltage is 24VDC.

Higher Voltage is permissible but the maximum voltage and current shall not be able to dissipate more than allowed by the certificate of conformity.

Please consult Pempek Systems about your particular enclosure model.

Typically enclosure rated for operation in temperature range -20°C to 50°C can dissipate 156W for group I and 55W for Group II T6 with Glazeguard lense fitted.

Operating ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C or -20 °C to 40 °C as defined by certificate of conformity and its corresponding label.

Enclosure rated to IP 66/67.

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Typical Application