L11V0101 AC VFD System Filter with Common Mode Choke (1140V)

The L11V0101 EMC filter is designed for variable frequency drive and high noise environment.

Input EMC filters reduce the conducted radio-frequency interference voltage.

The EMC filter has integrated Common Mode Choke and earth switching relay.

  • L11V0101 EMC filter reduces the EMC interference and connects on the power input side to cut off or isolate the interference channel between power network and VFD.
  • Suppress the harmonic or surge from power network to resolve nuisance malfunction introduced by variable frequency drive.
  • L11V0101 EMC filter must be installed upstream on mains side of the variable frequency drive.
  • Integrated earth switching relay can be used for delayed earth connection to avoid inrush charging current
  • Integrated Common Mode Choke can resolve nuisance malfunction of distribution boxes
    (like Ampcontrol IPD etc)
Line Drawing
Typical Application