L0SL Wireless Remote Console Candy Bar - Push Button Handset with Display Screen

The L0SL handset is an intrinsically safe (Ex ia) radio control handset providing membrane-style push buttons for radio remote control of mobile mining equipment.

Using the side strap - the unit can be comfortably held in one hand; providing access to control buttons from a single thumb.   The internal
re-chargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of continuous use between re-charge cycles.

An internal motion sensor provides customisable safety shutdown options - such as console drop, console tilt or sudden impact shock.

Pempek’s two-way radio control technology also offers options for collecting and storing machine data while the machine is being controlled.

The data is collected at the end of each shift by the charging station.  Data is then available for machine reporting and performance analytics.

Typical application of L0SL Remote Console is to provide remote operation of a variety of machinery used in underground mines, such as, but not limited to, Continuous Miners, Continuous Haulage, Long Wall Shearers, Mobile Bolters, Mobile Roof Support, Scoops and LHDs.


Radio Remote Control Console is an intrinsically-safe, hand-held radio remote control handset; designed for remote control and monitoring of mobile mining equipment.

The console features a bi-directional radio data link supporting 2-way communication with the control system fitted to the mining machine. The communication link allows operator key press commands to be sent to the machine for control. The communication link also provides a pathway for machine data to be sent back to the remote console in real time.

A built-in data logging facility allows machine data and console diagnostics to be recorded during the operating shift. This logged data can later be extracted at the surface and used to develop reports on mining production and machine maintenance records.

The remote console features three (3) multi-colored LEDs to indicate status and diagnostic information to the operator.

There are several variants of the L0SL console, each of which has been developed to match a specific type or model of mining machine. Each L0SL model is fitted with a printed keypad membrane that matches the control functions of the machine that it was designed for.

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