L07K0010 Inclinometer Module Ranging  45 Degree Arm

L07K0020 Inclinometer Module Ranging 90 Degree Arm 

L07K0030 Inclinometer Module Single Axis 90 Degree Arm IEC Ex id

L07K0040 Inclinometer Module Dual Axis 90 Degree Arm IEC Ex id

This flameproof apparatus is not to be used for any other purpose other than to provide a suitable Ex d I enclosure for industrial electronics.

A typical application of an L07K flameproof enclosure will provide housing for an inclinometer assembly used in underground mines.

This flameproof apparatus is NOT to be opened in an explosive atmosphere until external power has been electrically isolated.


Supply voltage and communication signals are connected to the enclosure through a certified gland.

Typical configuration consists of the following:

Power In – 24VDC - 2 wires

Inclinometer communicates over the CAN Line - 3 wires

The maximum power dissipation shall not exceed 30W.

The temperature rating of the cable entering box must be greater than 85°C

Operating ambient temperature -20 °C to 40 °C

Operating relative humidity 10-90% non condensing

Line Drawing
Typical Application