L0VX0101 Smart Contactor Dual-Reversing 160A NEMA4 (Generic)

The Type L0VX Dual-Reversing Smart Contactor is a 1.5kV 3-phase contactor module with embedded industrial electronics that integrates motor switching and motor protection in a single, sophisticated package.

The module incorporates two (2) separate 3-phase contactors implementing a phase reversing 3-phase supply for one or two motors. One contactor is used for forward motor operation and the other is for reverse motor operation.

Motor protection parameters (for both left and right motors) are field programmable and support Instant Overload, Thermal Overload, Phase Imbalance and No Load Protection. Safety is a primary feature with redundant transistors used to switch the contactor coils.

Operation is closed-loop with internal contactor position monitoring and additional 3-phase current monitoring. If either the contactor position or current monitoring fails to meet expectation, the contactor is tripped and an event is flagged for the host system to diagnose via CAN messaging.

Support has also been provided for installation of the standard EATON auxiliary contact block to provide additional monitoring and/or down-stream contactor interlocking.