L0MT0801 Oracle RC Flameproof Ex d Radio Control Transceiver 915 MHz

The L0MT0801 Oracle RC is a self-contained, flameproof (Ex d) radio control data transceiver supporting radio remote control of mobile mining machinery.  The module communicates with a variety of Pempek - manufactured handheld remote control consoles via a 2-way radio data stream (based on the 915 MHz band)

A single cable entry to the product supplies power and data communications.  A range of field bus options are support - including RS-422, Ethernet and Ethernet / IP. A host PLC communicates with the Oracle via field bus to receive key-press commands from the remote handset, and send machine status and data logging information back to the handset

The PLC can also configure the operating channel.

  • Self-contained, certified, flameproof (Ex d) housing
  • No external antenna cable required
  • Antenna is built into the housing of the product
  • Flexible power supply options (PoE or 24VDC
  • Single gland entry for power and data cable
  • Built in radio control data integrity protection
  • Supports PLC safety functions such as handset model verification and handset serial number pairing
  • Simple, easy way to add remote control to any flameproof application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy configuration
Line Drawing
Typical Application