L0V41101 Pempek OBP-PLUS Processor Module CODESYS (Standard)

Pempek OBP-PLUS Mining PLC processor modules supports immediate integration into mobile mining machinery control and automation applications.

The products feature an unique dual-processor architecture - with one processor dedicated to fast, reliable I/O management and safety functions.

The second processor supports a flexible automation programming and configuration system.

Allowing end-users full access to high level control, automation and data collection.




In addition to sixteen (16) local digital inputs (24VDC); the module provides a number of field bus options - including CAN (4), Ethernet (2) and RS-422 (3).

The Pempek OBP-PLUS development environment - based on the popular CODESYS 3.5 programming tool chain - supports immediate integration of many industry-standard I/O devices and smart components.

Line Drawing