L0M80101 Pempek OBP ON/OFF Solenoid Module Ex ib Intrinsically Safe I/O Type A

L0PZ0101 Pempek OBP ON/OFF Solenoid Module Ex ib Intrinsically Safe I/O Analog Inputs 12 Bit Type A

The Pempek OBP Mining PLC I.S. I/O Module provides intrinsically safe (Group I Ex ib) input and output resources in a single, compact unit.

A unique fibre-optic communications interface means that the module and dedicated I.S power supply can be conveniently segregated into its isolated zone.

The fibre-optic link between the module and an Pempek OBP processor module provides real-time control and monitoring of all I/O points.

This solution is ideal for mobile mining equipment where limited installation space must be achieved.

Uniquely Keyed Type Connectors to prevent incorrect machine installation.

The module is Dual Pempek OBP Type which complies with AS/NZS 4240 standard.

As per standard, every output includes two switches A&B in series with monitoring feedbacks from both.

Extra safety is achieved by using two potted boards each includes main and watchdog processors monitoring the correctness of executed main software code.

L0M8, L0PZ

Module Type: Intrinsically Safe Input / Output with Display 

Supply: 12VDC (+/- 10%) / 20 Watts (Max) from Approved I.S. Power Supply 

Data Communications: CAN interface over Pempek OBP Fibre 

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +85°C all industrial components 

Sensors: 2 x Resolver Sensors - Litton or Siemens 

Inputs 1: 12 x 12VDC Digital Inputs 

LØM8Ø1Ø1 - Inputs 2: 12 x 4-20mA Analog Inputs 

LØM8Ø1Ø1 - Inputs 3: 4 x 0-2.8V Analog Inputs 

LØPZØ1Ø - Inputs 2: 12 x 4-20mA Analog Inputs High Resolution 12 Bit 

LØPZØ1Ø - Inputs 3: 4 x 0-2.8V Analog Inputs High Resolution 12 Bit 

Inputs 4: 4 x Frequency Counters (to 5KHz) 

Outputs: 24 x I.S. 12VDC On/Off Outputs (1A Maximum for each Output) 

Connector 1: Pempek OBP Fibre 

Connector 2: Pempek OBP A18 (12VDC I.S. Supply and Solenoid Outputs) 

Connector 3: Pempek OBP A22 (Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Resolvers and Counters)

Heavy Duty Enclosure 

Electroless Nickel Plated 

Rugged Construction 


• 6.5kg (14.3lb) 

Line Drawing
Display Diagnostics 
Fibre Optic Patch Cables