CMS15687 HFX Head Chain Tensioner KIT

  • CMS15687 is a chain tensioner and TSRU Drill head retainer assembly for typical HFX drill rigs, used to mount the TSRU to the feed cylinder slides.
  • One CMS15687 assembly is required for each Drill.
  • CMS15687 kit includes one each of CMS15691 + CMS15690 and all necessary seals, wear-strips, and O rings.
  • Replacement seals wear-strips and O rings are available as a kit CMS15692.

CMS15688 HFX TSRU Standoff Plate

  • The CMS15688 is an adaptor plate for typical HFX drill rigs that will correctly position the TSRU in relation to the Timberjack head-plate.
  • One CMS15688 is required for each drill and CMS15688 can be used on the left or right side of drill.
  • CMS15688 is used in conjunction with CMS15687 HFX Drill Head Chain Tensioner KIT.
  • CMS15688 is delivered with all necessary O rings and replacement parts are available as part of the kit.
CMS15691 HFX Drill Head Chain Tensioner Left Hand Side
CMS15690 HFX Drill Head Chain Tensioner Right Hand Side
CMS15685 For Aft Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
CMS15686 In Out Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit
CMS15692 Cylinder Seal Kit for CMS15687
CMS15693 Cylinder Seal Kit for CMS15688