L12E0101 I.S. Barrier IECEx TSA 23.0006X with Marking [Ex_ib Mb] I

Type L12E [Ex ib Mb] I Barrier is an industrialized control interface module designed for the rigors of underground mobile mining machinery. Designed to exacting requirements of IEC 60079.0 and IEC 60079.11 and MSHA CFR 30, this Ex i Barrier Module is designed for worldwide explosive atmosphere regulatory approval allowing it to be installed into any underground environment after certification assessment.

Designed to interface with Pempek Systems L12D I.S. Oracle and L12J I.S. Inclinometer using RS422 communication interface, the Type L12E IS Barrier can be integrated into almost any control system with relative ease since it's equipped with a myriad of communication interfaces on the non-I.S. side which includes RS-422, CAN, and Ethernet.

The apparatus shall be installed in a flameproof enclosure or in a safe area in an enclosure with an ingress protection of at least IP54.


Highly ruggedized, industrial design using all industrial-grade components.

A nominal operating temperature range spanning -20°C to 70°C.

IECEx I approvals and pending in other parts of the world.

Features internal I.S. power supply to power up I.S. devices connected to the barrier in the field.

Simplifies machine installation for connecting devices.

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