L0LH0301 Pempek OBP Thermistors Module Type A 

The L0LH0301 Mining PLC Thermistor Module provides sixteen (16) inputs for monitoring resistive-type temperature sensors.

Both PT100 and Thermistor-type RTDs are supported.  With built-in high voltage isolation, the module is very well suited to monitoring temperature sensors inside electric motor windings.


Embedded Thermistor Module 16 Thermistor / RTD Inputs Voltage 18VDC Microprocessor Controlled 

Outputs: None 

Connector 1: Pempek OBP A2 (24VDC Input + CAN Bus) 

Connector 2: Pempek OBP A16 (Resistor Inputs and separate 12VAC supply) 

CAN Network Opto-Coupler Isolation CAN 2.0B Compatible Throughput 500kbs (Supports Autobaud) 

Operates -20°C to +70°C All industrial components 

Heavy Duty Enclosure Electros Nickel Plated Rugged Construction 

Supply Input 1: 24VDC (+/- 10%) / 3 Watts (Max)Supply Input 2: 12VAC (+/- 15%) / 2 Watts (Max) 

Material Enclosure is Electroless nickel plated mild steel Facia is stainless steel Mounting brackets are stainless steel 

Fasteners M5 x 10mm x 4 M4 x 10mm x 8 M3 x 10mm x 10 

Mass 2.5kg (5.5lb) 

Line Drawing
Connector Assembly
Typical Application