Latest News and Product Release

China Mining Expo

By Marketing | November 9, 2023

Pempek participated in the China Mining Expo Beijing Oct 2023. Showcasing key Pempek technologies and Partnerships.

Pempek Commissions the all new Multi-Pass Rock Commander Service Drill

By Marketing | October 24, 2023

Remotely commissioned, updated, monitored and controlled via Satellite Up-link. Zero burden on site network bandwidth, zero threat of cyber intrusion. The Gemini SDP Platform is feature expandable via plug-ins allowing for future addition of the most advanced levels of automation. Popular plug-ins are remote-control line of site, tele-remote, bench & non-line of site, field e-Tools tablet…

Mike Lane joins Pempek

By Marketing | October 4, 2023

Director Autonomous SolutionsGlobal Product Management – Surface Blast Hole Rigs Mike Lane, celebrated for his exceptional achievements at Flanders as the Global Director and Product Manager for autonomous blast hole drill technologies from 2019 To 2022, has now joined Pempek, bringing a wealth of experience in pioneering innovative automation development and driving commercial growth. Mike’s impressive…

Pempek Attends World Mining Congress In Brisbane 26-29 June 2023

By Marketing | July 11, 2023

Many international attendees sought out the class leading Pempek Control and Automation Systems. Pempek’s Wombat rover demonstrates the Pempek MineEye™ sensor package

Pempek attends India Mining Expo in support of our key OEM partners

By Marketing | June 29, 2023

India is an important emerging market for mining and Pempek products including control, automation and telemetry.  

Pempek’s New Customer Portal is Here!

By Marketing | June 1, 2023

Access your Orders – Invoices – Service Status and Serial Number History The Pempek customer portal provides our client partners access to a range of detail that delivers immediate answers to common enquiries including Purchase Order Status, Accounts Data including Invoice and Statement download and Service Job status. The customer portal also allows for product lookup by serial…

Pempek Appears in Australian Mines and Services Handbook 2023

By Marketing | March 1, 2023

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Product Update

By Marketing | February 9, 2023

L11V0101 AC VFD System Filter With Common Mode Choke 1140V Pempek’s L11V filter is proven in field tests to tame AC drive noise. The L11V0101 EMC filter is designed for high noise environment typical of remote electrically powered mining equipment. Input EMC filter featuring an integrated Common Mode Choke and high capacitance components minimise conducted.…

New Product Release

By Marketing | December 7, 2022

L12F0101 UberMate 3.0 CAN Motor Protection Module 4 X 110VAC A compact, highly integrated control and protection device for 3-phaseinduction motors. It controls one Forward Motor Contactor – or Forward/Revers Contactor Pair – for direct-on-line (DOL) motor starting. Onboardinputs monitor motor current, temperature and contactor status. A hostPLC can rely on built-in motor protection –…

You Can Now See Manufacture Certificates For Items Produced Prior To November 2021

By Marketing | October 12, 2022

You can now see Manufacture Certificates for items produced prior to November 2021 Log into your portal and go to:Tools/Serial Search/Enter Part NumberYou will then see the Available Downloads.