L0UJ0101 Smart Contactor 320A NEMA5

Pempek Smart Contactors are a line of 3-phase vacuum motor starter contactors with integrated control and protection electronics. The contactor is controlled and monitored by a host PLC via CAN field bus connection. The PLC uses coded CAN bus messages to turn on and off the contactor contacts (to turn on and off the electric motor). The PLC can also monitor motor current and contactor status via the CAN bus connection.

Motor overload protection is provided by the on-board electronics in the contactor. The host PLC configures the motor protection settings via a CAN configuration message (motor full load current, motor jam trip current etc).

The contactor then opens the vacuum contacts when motor current exceeds the PLC-configured settings. The product is designed to switch more powerful loads. The L0UJ model uses a larger switching chassis supporting vacuum bottles rated to 320 Amperes continuous current.