L0ZU2101 Pempek OBP2 Processor Module with
Fibre-optic CAN Bus

The L0ZU2101 is a “drop-in replacement” upgrade for traditional Pempek OBP processor modules already operating in a machine. A dual processor architecture supports Pempek OBP2 features – whilst retaining the reliable machine automation of the original Pempek OBP machine software.

The second processor is dedicated to remote access, telemetry and configuration management (Edison Tool Box PC software required).

The L0ZU2101 is an Pempek OBP2 Mining PLC Processor module ideal for legacy mobile mining machinery control and automation applications that are programmed and maintained by Pempek automation software developers.

A fully AS4871-compliant internal battery preserves parameter memory and real-time clock functionality when mains machine power is removed.

In addition to sixteen (16) local digital inputs (24VDC); the module provides a number of field bus options - including CAN (4), Ethernet (2) and RS-422 (3).


• Type: Programmable, dual-processor machine

automation processor module

• Local I/O : 16 x Digital Inputs (24 VDC)

• Memory Battery: AS4871-compliant

• Field Buses: 3 x CAN (copper) / 1 x

CAN (fibre) with 8 ports / 2 x Ethernet / 3 x RS-422

Line Drawing