L0XW0101 UberMate 1.0 CAN Current Monitor

The UberMate is a CANOpen SIL2 rated, 3-phase motor management module designed for mobile electric plant.

With integrated I/O features needed to terminate a vacuum contactor, monitor 3-phase induction motor current and RTD inputs, electrical installation and maintenance has never been easier.

With additional I/O for peripheral devices, the UberMatee makes for an exceptionally capable control system addition.



Housing Plated, mild steel enclosure, 3mm stainless steel mounting flanges
Dimensions - Volume (W)166mm x (H) 165mm x (D) x 97mm
Dimensions - Mounting (W)100mm x (D) 82.3mm
Conductor Aperture 25mm x 50mm (A comfortable fit for lugged 120mm2
Mass 1.1kg
Installation 4 x M6 x 12mm + Pressure Washer
Recommended Max. Torque = 9Nm
IP Rating N/A
Temperature Rating - Component -40°C..+85°C
Temperature Rating - Ambient Operating -35°C..+75°C
Voltage / Power 18..30 VDC / < 5W
Polarity Safe YES
Network CAN 2.0B, CANOpen Compliant
Current 3 x True RMS Rogowski Coils - 1..1000A @ 1% Linear Scale (2000A peak)
Analog 3 x 4-20mA (12-bit 390?)
Digital 2 x 110VAC + 8 x 24VDC
RTD 3 x PT100 Line Fault Protected
Frequency 2 x Frequency / Counter (to 5KHz, 3.2k?)
Relays 2 x Contact(s) Voltage Free - Forward / Reverse Configuration
Relays 1 x Contact(s) Voltage Free - Auxiliary
All contacts are 240V / 16A rated, make/break 4000VA
Line drawing