L0U10401 Joystick 3 Button 1 Rocker 2 Axis 500kBps Instrically Safe

L0U10301 Joystick 4 Button, 2 Trigger, 2 Axis, DMH 125kBps Intrinsically Safe

L0U10501 Joystick 4 Button 2 Axis 500kBps Instrically Safe

The Type L0U1 IEC Ex ib Intrinsically Safe Joystick is an industrialised operator interface for the rigors of underground mobile mining machinery.

Designed to exacting IEC 60079 .0 and IEC 60079.11, this joystick is designed for worldwide explosive atmosphere regulatory approval allowing it to be installed into any underground environment after certification assessment.

Driven by a low-power dsPIC, the Type L0U1 Joystick is an extremely flexible product that can be used to suit any remote navigation.

Fundamental to its design are customisable operation buttons that allow any navigation possible.

An optional DMH sensor makes operation safer by sensing hand presence on the joystick handle.


Joystick requires IS 12VDC supply

CAN communication speed is 500kBps

CAN frames are in standard format (11bits)

Typical Application
Line Drawing
Standard Compliance