OBP Control System Upgrade OBP2

Available now from Pempek is the OBP2 Control System Upgrade!

Upgrade immediately – without any machine wiring changes – any OBP machine control system.

This update is effective immediately, and all OBP Pempek control system components are processed by Pempek services are now being upgraded to the compatible OBP2. 

Simply replace the existing OBP PLC processor with a drop-in compatible OBP2 processor module.

OBP2 upgrades your OBP machine with some of the features from the newest generation, industry leading OBP-PLUS platform.

OBP2 has increased the dependability, safety, compliance and security of your Pempek Control system!

OBP2 Features include:

  • Remote Diagnostics – From mine surface or anywhere in the world using secure Edison Gateway PC Software.
  • Automatic Field Device Configuration
  • New Device Configuration Page on machinemounted graphics display. At a glance, operators see confirmation that all field devices are connected and configured properly
  • Screen Mirroring: See control system diagnostic pages (including the Device Configuration Page) remotely using the Edison Screen Mirror PC software
  • Telemetry: Built in data collection, buffering and streaming
  • Remote Software and Parameter Management

OBP2 Features include:

  • Quick and simple upgrade from OBP. Because the automation software remains the same (only OBP2 extensions are added).
  • No longer the need for a programming cable or professional expert at site to load device configuration
  • Remotely monitor your machine
  • Remotely upgrade software and parameters
  • Collect and store machine data (Telemetry)

Processor Module Upgrade

The only hardware needed to be changed to convert any OBP control system to OBP2 is the installation of a processor module. New processor modules are available in both fibre CAN bus and non-fibre bus models. Processors are footprint and wiring compatible. Simple open the box and replace the processor.
It is that easy! 

OBP-PLUS Processor Modules

Secure Remote Access to Any OBP2 Machine in the Mine

Using an encrypted USB security dongle and Edison Gateway software – securely access and manage any machine on the mining network from a remote location (i.e. mine surface).

Live Device Configuration Status Reporting

Available on the machine and via the secure remote network connection.

Motor Controller Error History Analysis

View motor controller error history and status to fully understand root cause.

Feature comparison OBP vs OBP2 Chart

OBP PLC Families Feature Comparison Chart

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