L12F0101 UberMate 3.0 CAN Motor Current Monitor 4 x 110VAC

A compact, highly integrated control and protection device for 3-phase induction motors. It controls one Forward Motor Contactor – or Forward/Reverse Contactor Pair – for direct-on-line (DOL) motor starting. Onboard inputs monitor motor current, temperature, and contactor status. A host PLC can rely on built-in motor protection – or disable this protection to use the device as a remote I/O.

Contactor Control:

  • Full control and monitoring provided by CANopen field bus
  • Controls one [ON/OFF] or two [FORWARD/REVERSE] motor contactors.
  • Switching contacts rated to 16 Amperes (make/break 4000 VA)
  • Switching contacts support withstand inrush of 80 Amperes.
  • Two contacts in series to comply with functional safety requirements.
  • All relay outputs are protected by internal hardware watchdog timer.

General Purpose Relay:

  • Additional auxiliary “C-Form” relay output (for general-purpose use or upstream power isolation).

Contactor Status Monitoring:

  • Four (4) opto-isolated 110VAC digital inputs
  • Used for general-purpose or for monitoring contactor auxiliary contact status.

Motor Current Monitoring:

  • True RMS current measurement with a range from less than 100mA up to 1600 A. Measurement settling time 100 milliseconds.

Motor Temperature Monitoring:

  • Three (3) self-powered, 2-wire PT100 inputs.
  • Galvanically-isolated (UL 1577: 5000 V RMS for 1 minute).
  • Built-in earth leakage resistance measurement.

Motor Protection Options:

  • Protection is configurable for each protection skill by host PLC control system in real-time.
  • Give system integrators the flexibility to use built-in protection or custom PLC-managed protection.
  • Built-in motor protection options:
    • Motor Over Temperature Protection (via PT100 temperature sensors).
    • Jammed Motor Rotor Protection (based on motor current measurement).
    • Thermal Overload Protection (based on inverse-time calculation of motor currents).
    • Phase Imbalance Protection (unequal motor currents in 3-phase system).
    • Phase Rotation Sequence Verification.