L0LX0101 Pempek OBP Solenoid Module 110VDC 

The L0LX0101 Pempek OBP Mining PLC Solenoid Driver Module provides proven, industry-standard 110VAC digital solenoid control in a compact, robust form factor that is well suited to mobile mining applications.

The industry-standard CAN (Controller Area Network) connection provides a host PLC with the ability to control and monitor all outputs.

Uniquely Keyed Type A and Type B connectors to prevent incorrect machine installation.

Dual-safety switched 110VDC Digital outputs (up to 400 mA continuous rating).


 Module Type: Multi-channel Solenoid Driver 

Supply Input 1: 24VDC (+/- 10%) / 3 Watts (Max) 

Supply Input 2: 110VDC (+/- 20%) / 500 Watts (Max)(based on output loads) 

Data Communications: Pempek OBP CAN (A2) 

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C 

Inputs: None 

Outputs: 20 x Dual in-line Switched 110VDC 

Digital Outputs: (400 mA Maximum) 

Connector 1: Pempek OBP A2 (24VDC Input + CAN Bus) 

Connector 2: Pempek OBP A17 (PWM Outputs and 110VDC Supply Input) 

Connector 3: Pempek OBP  B17 (PWM Outputs and 110VDC Supply Input) 

Line Drawing