Pempek’s New Customer Portal is Here!

Access your Orders – Invoices – Service Status and Serial Number History

The Pempek customer portal provides our client partners access to a range of detail that delivers immediate answers to common enquiries including Purchase Order Status, Accounts Data including Invoice and Statement download and Service Job status.

The customer portal also allows for product lookup by serial number and provides all available related documents to display the service history on a product.

As of Feb 2021 the portal provides detailed service history back to June 2020.
Pempek is continuing to convert more historical data.

How to Register for a Portal Account.

Go to –

Click on Request Portal Access

Include your Business Name, Your Full Name, Position Title and Contact Details.

We will email you the Portal Terms and Conditions.
Once accepted we will send you an invitation to create a password.

Users can join the mailing list to receive regular new products and other updates.

Users can request another user account be added to extend the number of people in their organisation with portal access.

My Orders

My Invoices

Users can use the search function to find a particular Invoice by their PO number or Pempek Invoice number using all or part of the PO or invoice number.

Users can select View All to show all invoices rather than just open invoices.

Users can request a statement download.

Users can download and view any invoice since May 2020 once it has been highlighted.

My Service

Users can use the search function to find a particular Service PO number or Component Serial Number using all or part of the PO or serial number.

Users can filter the report to show only open jobs or all Jobs.

Users can download and display any of the documents attached to the service job.

My Serial Number History

* Note-Only products registered to your organisation will display.

* Note-You must use the Clear icon before searching for the next serial number.

Related documents such as sales order and current service status on the serial number are shown. Currently, service history is complete back to May 2020.

The manufacturing certificate for the unit can also be downloaded from this screen.

Account Status

Your account status now appears above the banner next to your details. 

View Statement

Access your statement via your My Invoice page.
Print your statement or export it as a CSV

Estimated Completion Date

View the Estimated Completion Date on your My Service Orders Page

Check Product Price

Check Product Price is located on your main menu. 
Enter Pempek part number in the search bar within the pop-up to search price and lead time.

Request User

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