Pempek Commissions the all new Multi-Pass Rock Commander Service Drill

Remotely commissioned, updated, monitored and controlled via Satellite Up-link. Zero burden on site network bandwidth, zero threat of cyber intrusion.

The Gemini SDP Platform is feature expandable via plug-ins allowing for future addition of the most advanced levels of automation.

Popular plug-ins are remote-control line of site, tele-remote, bench & non-line of site, field e-Tools tablet for troubleshooting & maintenance, operational data and configurable reports.

Ausdrill’s latest Rock Commander drill to roll off their production line has been fitted with the Gemini SDP rig control system, that provides a versatile platform for upgrading drill functionality through easy to add plug-in feature sets, taking the drill operation from basic manual control through to advanced automated control, with intuitive diagnostics and configurable reporting tools.

Gemini SDP is all encompassing for the needs of the driller/operator, troubleshooting, maintenance, production, downstream processes and management; with eTools and configurable reporting at their fingertips, through local and remote acquired high speed limitless data via Satellite Up-link.

Interfacing for data sharing with Fleet Management Systems and other third party applications is a standard plug-in, as is the digital interface for connecting to various OEM rig control systems.

This is a non-intrusive means of opening up the suite of Gemini Smart Drill Products to many makes and models of surface drills, keeping the OEM kit on the drill as factory standard, with the added benefit of a technology layer simplifying troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance, increasing production efficiency, improving safety and protecting the drilling assets.

Some of the main reasons that the OEM agnostic Gemini SDP is in demand, are that the conversion is fast, simple and non-intrusive to the OEM kit, the Smart-Drill features operate within the OEM limits and their specified operating constraints so the OEM warranty remains intact. The kit hardware can be easily transferred to another drill, leaving the drill in the original OEM operating condition. Most importantly, the bumpless and seamless transitioning for the adoption of the technology within site operations through an extensively supported operational readiness process.

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