L12B0101 Snubber Filter Capacitor

Filter out unwanted electrical noise on the pilot check wire for trailing cable fed mobile equipment - with the Snubber Filter Capacitor from Pempek.

Used injunction with Pempek’s AC VFD System Filter range - the Snubber Filter uses a lumped capacitance on the pilot conductor to avoid noise disturbance from disrupting sensitive earth monitoring circuits.

Filtering Configuration

The Snubber Filter provides easy-to-access dip switches to enable a range of different filtering capacitance settings.

Pempek generally recommends 220 nF as a universal setting. However, different applications may require alternative values.

WARNING - Ensure that the capacitance value chosen is in compliance with any explosion-protection and/or intrinsic-safety requirements.

A total of twenty (20) dip switches are provided - with each one assigned to a particular capacitance value.

1. IMPORTANT - When a switch is to LEFT position (as shown in the picture) the capacitor value is OFF (disconnected)

2. Chose which capacitance value is appropriate for the application (in this example 220 nF has been chosen)

3. For the chosen capacitance value - move the switch to the RIGHT (to the ON position)

4. It is also possible to combine various capacitance values to sum to a desired value. This is managed by moving more than one dip switch to the ON position. For example - 330 nf can be selected by putting the 220 nF and the 100 nF switch in the ON position

5. Once configured the Snubber Filter can be installed

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