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Available now from Pempek is the Pempek OBP2 Control System Upgrade

Upgrade immediately – without any machine wiring changes – on any Pempek OBP machine control system

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Pempek a global leader in equipment control, telemetry, hydraulic control, and roof bolting solutions for mining applications.

Pempek designs, manufactures, commissions, services and supports industrial electronic control, telemetry, and automation systems with particular expertise in underground mining including explosive and hazardous area applications.

PEMPEK OBP2 Control System Upgrade Obelix2 is Now Available

Improved reliability, safety, compliance, and control system security. Pempek has transported some of the features of its industry-leading new Pempek OBP-Plus control software environment onto our classic Pempek OBP platform.

ROYCE Mining Telemetry and Analytics Increases Productivity

Live, reliable, future-proofed, user-driven reporting, available anywhere.

Lessons learnt guide future fault response!

A vast range of pre-configured reports

Analytics to maximise productivity

Complete Machine Automation and Monitoring, from the mine face to the boardroom

Pempek’s ObelixPLUS is the next generation in the mining control programming environment.

Together with the Obelix family of made for mining components creates the most reliable, safe, and sophisticated mining equipment control system available in the world.

ObelixPlus puts you in control!

For more than 35 years,
Pempek has Led Innovation in Mining Control Systems

Since 1985 Pempek has been successfully developing innovative products for industrial electronic and hydraulic control, telemetry, analytic, and automation systems with particular expertise in underground mining and underground construction including explosive and hazardous area applications.

Pempek provides service and support though its international facilities and authorised distributors in

Australia, China, USA and South Africa

Explosion protected products certified to worldwide standards.

Our Capabilities

Specialist Engineering – Highly Qualified Engineering Team, In Source Automated Manufacturing 2400m2 Facility, RoadMap Supplier – 10 Years + Product Supply Chain Availability, Global Certification – Ex ia/b Product Certification, Auditing to National and International Standards.

News & Product Release

Product Update

By Marketing | February 9, 2023

L11V0101 AC VFD System Filter With Common Mode Choke 1140V Pempek’s L11V filter is proven in field tests to tame AC drive noise. The L11V0101 EMC filter is designed for high noise environment typical of remote electrically powered mining equipment. Input EMC filter featuring an integrated Common Mode Choke and high capacitance components minimise conducted.…

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You Can Now See Manufacture Certificates For Items Produced Prior To November 2021

By Marketing | October 12, 2022

You can now see Manufacture Certificates for items produced prior to November 2021 Log into your portal and go to:Tools/Serial Search/Enter Part NumberYou will then see the Available Downloads.

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New Portal Feature – Easy Access To Product Manufacturing Lead Time And Price

By Marketing | October 12, 2022

You can now see the lead time to manufacture your product.Log into your portal and go to:Tools/Check product Price/Enter Part NumberYou will then see the Lead Time.

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L12B0101 Snubber Filter Capacitor

By Marketing | December 7, 2021

Filter out unwanted electrical noise on the pilot check wire for trailing cable fed mobile equipment – with the Snubber Filter Capacitor from Pempek. Used injunction with Pempek’s AC VFD System Filter range – the Snubber Filter uses a lumped capacitance on the pilot conductor to avoid noise disturbance from disrupting sensitive earth monitoring circuits.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

By Marketing | December 2, 2021
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OBP Control System Upgrade OBP2

By Marketing | October 29, 2021

Available now from Pempek is the OBP2 Control System Upgrade! Upgrade immediately – without any machine wiring changes – any OBP machine control system. This update is effective immediately, and all OBP Pempek control system components are processed by Pempek services are now being upgraded to the compatible OBP2.  Simply replace the existing OBP PLC…

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